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Seeds Treatment

Seeds Treatments that are applied to enhance the germination rates of the seeds. These treatments help in killing spores present in the seeds with the help of chemical fungicides. These processes prevent them from contracting seed borne diseases. These treatments effectively enhance the quality of the seeds.


  • Chemical fungicides used
  • Prevent seeds from contracting soil borne diseases
  • Improves germination of seeds

Treatment of Seeds:
A Acid treatment
A1 Soak in concentrated h2so4 for 5-15 mins
A2 Soak in concentrated h2so4 for 20-30 mins
A3 Soak in concentrated h2so4 for 45-60 mins
W1 Immerse in boiling water, allow to cool
Bw Immerse in boiling water
Bw2 Immerse in boiling water for 5 to 15 mins
Hw Soak in hot water
Hw1 Soak in hot water for 12 hours
Hw2 Soak in hot water for 24 hours
Hw3 Soak in ht water for 48 to 72 hours
Cw1 Soak in tepid water 24 hours
Cw2 Soak in tepid water 36 hours
Cw3 Soak in tepid water 48 hours
N Not required
S Stratification upto 30 days