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Our product range includes a wide range of morus indica and export price list.
Morus Indica

Morus Indica

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Collection Time :- Apr-May No. of Seeds/Kg :- 310000 Treatment :- N Expected Germination :- 45-70 Prices per 10 Kg :- 28000 Prices per 100 Kg :- 250000 Prices per 500 Kg :- NA Prices per 1000 Kg :- NA

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Export price list

Export price list

Price on Request

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We offer a comprehensive range of Summer Flower Seeds that provide a healthy yield of seasonal flowers. We use high quality fertilizers in the production of these seeds so as to get the best possible results. These seeds have a plump, shiny appearance and the entire lot is consistent in its quality. They are made available at nominal rates.


  • Plump, shiny appearance
  • Available for a large variety of flowers
  • Consistent quality

Types of Summer Flower Seeds:
Amaranthus Caudatus Red Amaranthus Tricolor
Amranthus Pyomytorch
Balsam Rose-Gulab
Balsam White Double
Balsam Pink Double
Balsam Red Double
Balsam Camellia Flower
Balsam Double Mix
Balsam Single Mix
Cosmos Double Mix
Cosmos Yellow
Cosmos Orange
Cosmos Bright Lights
Celosia Plumosa Celosia Red
Cockscomb Jwel Box
Cockscomb Dwarf Mix
Gaillardia Double Mix
Gaillardia Gaiety Mix
Globe Amaranth Gomphrena Double Mix
Ipomea Blue Kochia Childsii Kochia Hybrid Bush
Marigold African Mix
Marigold Jafri Black
Marigold Red Brocade
Marigold Jafri Orange
Marigold Double Mix
Marigold Red Jafri
Morning Glory Blue
Portulaca Double Mix
Portulaca Dwarf Mix
Sunflower Maturity
Sunflower Red Double
Sunflower Sun Gold
Sunflower Russian Giant
Tithonia Torch
Vinca Pink
Vinca White
Vinca Mix
Vinca Double Mix
Zinnia Lilliput Mix
Zinnia Orange
Zinnia Yellow
Zinnia White
Zinnia Pink
Zinnia Red
Zinnia Rose
Zinnia Mix Color
Zinnia Angustifolia

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